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Wallets for Sports

Our World Famous nylon micro-fiber performance sports wallets are designed to be thin, lightweight, tough, and comfortable regardless of the strains of your favorite sports. Our nylon sports wallet material is 10 times thinner and lighter than regular wallet materials (yes, even those old-school nylon wallets from the 1970s). This means your wallet size can be reduced by 50-75% depending on our wallet model because you are separating all your stuff with layers of our skinny .21mm nylon. Versatile enough for water sports as well as thin and light on dry land yet sweaty sports activities too. Adaptable enough to go from the Boat to the Boardroom and back again. MORE customers purchase our nylon sport wallets than our leather hybrid series because of these fantastic sporty characteristics:

THIN and LIGHT makes them more comfortable to carry: Most people would probably rather not carry a wallet whilst playing sports, but often you just need to carry something around... If you're going for a run and think you might stop off at Dunkin Donuts afterwards, if you're skiing and need cashola at the top of the mountain for lunch...

SWEAT resistant: yup, we sweat too when we're working out [well, when we're actually trying], and there's nothing worse than pulling out a nasty, damp leather wallet. Our nylon micro-fiber sports wallets for men and women will resist sweat to keep your $$ dry, and the minimal amount of moisture on the wallet will dry out in about 20 minutes. Our special NON-SLIP Coating on the inside stops the sweat so your goodies stay drier and more smell-free.

TOUGH enough to be MACHINE washable: Tough enough to do so regularly if you need to. If you've been biking through the mud or had a run in with a skunk, don't worry - you won't have to throw your favorite wallet out. Just toss it in the washing machine [not the dryer though]. Our nylon sports wallets dry out in 20-30 minutes from a full machine wash--dry washing your regular wallet and see what happens...

Non-Slip lining: Our pockets are lined with a non-slip coating so your cards and cash won't slide out while you're biking around or jogging. And that same non-slip coating stops moisture and better protects your goodies so go ahead run that extra sweaty lap jogging in the pouring summer rain...

FLEXIBLE: Our Super Skinny wallet is a fantastically unique sports wallet - besides our unique super thin nylon material, this sports model divides your junk into two stacks, which means it automatically cuts your wallet size in half AND it bends when you move. Our other sports wallet models are just as flexible as nylon is a lot more flexible than leather right? And a heck of lot lighter too.

LIGHTWEIGHT: If speed and agility count, then you don't want your wallet weighing you down. Our sports wallets weigh less than an ounce--compare that to leather wallets that weigh 2-4 times as much. Who wants an extra leather 1/4 pounder in their pocket? Wow!

GRIPPER logo: Our exterior logo is more than just a handsome bonus to your wallet - it serves as a rubber gripper when you pull it from your pocket. Just like having good grip on your tennis racket! And it helps anchor your wallet in your pocket so you can go ahead and make that hurdle jump without worry.

DIFFERENT STYLES: At Big Skinny, we don't like to leave anyone out. We make wallets for both men and women to enjoy. Our sports wallets are available in a number of colors and styles so our customers can stock up on sports wallets for every occasion. For minimalists and those who like to travel light, we suggest the compact sports wallet. It's small, light and extremely sturdy, but it also has enough space for all of the essentials and then some.

Tight on time? Check out our sports cellphone wallet case. It's a fantastic zippered wallet that serves and a one-stop-shop for literally everything you need on the daily. Women and men alike rave about the convenience and versatility of this wallet. The stretchy band for the cellphone is perfect for snugly holding smartphones of any size in place.

The nylon sports wallet is definitely a winner, but what if you want just a touch of tradition? Bringing you the same compact style and super thin profile of the sports wallet in a more classic package we have our leather sports bifolds. The only difference with these guys is the sophisticated outer shell crafted from top-grain leather.

You'll find Big Skinny Sports Wallets Pop-Up Retail Locations at:

1) Motorcycle Shows- International Motorcycle Show Circuit, Americade, Rolling Thunder, Daytona Bike Week etc.--Big Skinny Wallets Pop-Up Locations are there and our moto chain sports wallet is the top seller at those roaring events.

2) Boat Shows: From Miami north & westward, you'll find Big Skinny Pop-Up Locations at a Boat Show near you. Let us know about a Boat Show that you think Big Skinny Wallets should be exhibiting.

3) Ski & Sport Shows: From Boston onward, you'll find Big Skinny Sports Wallets at these seasonal and fun sports shows. Ever ski and land on a thick leather wallet that is sweat-soaked too? You don't have to anymore with Big Skinny Sports Wallets.

4) Biking: Not many bicycle shows around, but take a read at what some bicycle editors write about our sports wallets! Same folks that motorcycle around have the same wallet issues as cyclists and just look at all the motorcycle editors writing about our sports wallets. Our Sports Wallets just got featured in the April 2010 issue of "BackRoads Magazine, page 51."

5) Gun, Fishing, and Recreational Shows: Hunters love the Big Skinny wallets because, guess what, how quickly will a regular leather wallet get ruined sitting in a wet duck-blind for a weekend? Plus, you can go home and wash your Big Skinny sports wallet when your suds soaked weekend finally ends. Fishermen obviously love our sport wallets' water-friendly characteristics--not to mention smell--do you know what fish make regular leather wallets smell like? Big Skinny sport wallets are built for tough outdoor action sports. And how many wallet companies back up their big talk with a wallet warranty like we do?

6) Surfing it's so obvious why surfers love our Big Skinny sports wallets which are most favored in Hawaii but even east coast surf shops have been stocking up on our wallets too. We've even been selling them for years at shows and stores in Ocean City and the Delmarva Peninsula in Delaware & Maryland. Check us out again this season again.

FIND BIG SKINNY SPORTS WALLETS POP-UP RETAIL LOCATIONS NEAR YOU: Visit our website or Facebook pages regularly. We usually post names, dates, and locations about 1-2 weeks in advance. Jog and stop at our booths, flash your big skinny sports wallet, and check out our new models. Chat with our fabulous nationwide Sales Teams (you'll want to after reading their bios on our website).

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